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Choose Jet Solutions 4u

What we have to offer

  • Maintenance control, planning, and scheduling.

  • Monitoring AD, BS, etc.

  • Documentation

  • Review of items' airworthiness

  • Specialized technical consultancy

  • Inspections map

  • Components Map with lifetime limits

  • AD Map applicable to the components, engine, and aircraft model

  • Map of mandatory aircraft documentation

  • Monthly report control software

Benefits of choosing Jet Solutions 4u?

01. Operation Security

Maintenance is performed as directed, ensuring that every detail is kept strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, providing greater security, availability and cost reduction.

02. Costs and Availability

Optimization of the time of maintenance downtimes and exemption of time and resources for maintenance management by the customer & pilot.

03. Requirements Fulfillment

Ensuring correct compliance with maintenance requirements and authorities.

04. Aircraft Resale

The care and accuracy of aircraft maintenance records has significant importance in the resale value of used aircraft.

05. Interaction

Contact with information always available and updated with our specialists.

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